Sport and fitness in Los Angeles

Los Angeles generally has a very health-conscious populace, and expats will find fitness and proper nutrition are taken very seriously. The city, as well as California as a whole, has been at the epicentre of several health movements and has exported a number of miracle diets and workouts. It follows that lovers of sport, exercise and the outdoors will have plenty of options for staying fit.

Gyms in Los Angeles

As befitting a dense urban jungle with variable air quality, indoor exercise is hugely popular. There are several gym chains such as the world-famous Gold’s Gym which prides itself on its wide reach, skilled instructors and good value for money.

Gym instructors and private trainers are an industry of their own in LA, and few health-conscious expats will go at it alone, instead drawing on the motivational energy and technical advice of a qualified instructor. However, word-of-mouth recommendations are essential when choosing a guru from the thousands available online.

Bootcamps and martial arts in Los Angeles

A recent phenomenon is the surge in popularity of military-style fitness classes known as bootcamps. Popular iterations include Barry’s Bootcamp and Bootcamp LA, although many variations on the theme can be found.

Outdoor exercise in Los Angeles

LA does have its share of natural, open spaces so if one is willing to drive a little out of town there are mountain bike paths and jogging trails to be found in the Santa Monica Mountains and Lower San Gabriels. 

Closer to town, Santa Monica Boulevard has a bike trail and popular jogging paths. These lead past Venice Beach where those seeking both a tan and a workout can enjoy the outdoor weightlifting complex known as Muscle Beach Venice.